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The history of our company says since 2003. The company named Geoland-divisions from the beginning has developed dynamically. Its original focus on the construction of commercial and residential swimming pools and water attractions we soon expanded the construction and reconstruction of houses. At that time we began to meet with the first requirements for decorative concrete, stained concrete and spray deck, which we used as a beautiful and efficient decoration around the swimming pool and water attractions. Requirements of our clients were very high, which led us to expand the menu, in particular about the floors in family houses, business premises, offices and flats. Stained concrete could change objects within a few days beyond recognition. The company also benefited from the possibility of inserting into the floors of their logo, which is a very attractive element. The clients preferred stained concrete with the subsequent cutting , which creates the shapes of floor tiles, ornaments or wood. On the driveway, areas around the home or garage we use Spray deck, which is very durable, keep the color, is non slippery, resistant to chemicals and offers a virtually unlimited range of colors and shapes. Gradually we have created all our own recipe, which is very successful. Given the strength of the surfaces and accent colors. In 2013, we're relocated our company to the Czech Republic, where all this we offer under the new brand name of Beton-Ace. We are the first company of this kind on the Czech market, which works with the best, tested and proven formulas on the market.

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